Greece: Creative Paros

From July 16, 2017 10:00 until July 22, 2017 17:00
At Greece
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Having been a performer, a photographer as well as a judge at the World Bodypainting Festival has given me an insight on how to expand creativity especially with regards to content, collaboration and advanced usage of photography. 

This course, happening in the beautiful Island of Paros, Greece, will explore your unique perspective on the world and how to make a personal connection with the model(s) that really shines through.
The limits of our creativity are most often defined by the way we see ourselves. Training yourself as a creative is much more than learning to use technology and technique.

"In the marketplace of ideas the most important asset to a photographer, model and / or bodypainter is the unique point of view, story and approach. This is an internal journey, which master photographer, filmmaker and bodypaint artist Vesa Kivinen trains people this coming summer. Joining the course is also NLP Master Trainer Anders Piper, island expert Sami Gronberg and the models Dominique Zuniga (US) and Lotta Vainio (In advert, FI)"

Through this link you can view the course details, book the journey and pay directly:

The international crew is dedicated for you to get the best possible results from your journey, which will continue much further,in an expansive way, after the course has ended, contributing to the already superb WBF.

We have 9 places left.


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