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The World Bodypainting Association was founded on October 12, 2001 by Alex Barendregt, who is also responsible for the creation of the World Bodypainting Festival.

The main focus and goal of the association is to promote and bring awareness to the art of bodypainting, while building a worldwide community and network of artists and supporters. It acts as an informational provider into the world of bodypainting through latest news, events and offers an insight to companies and product growth for the industry at large. To date, the association holds over 500 members and continues to grow and connect creative minds together to keep pushing the limits.

The association looks after the interests of artists who have either made bodypainting their profession, or who just paint for a hobby, including photographers, models and video-film makers.


The association works hard year round to expand its Member Benefits Program by organizing events and securing product and services discounts from leading companies in the business. Such benefits include:

  • Official membership card
  • Members online listing
  • Official member's T-shirt
  • The right to use the WBA Members logo for your own web site and printed matter
  • PARTNER DISCOUNTS from 10 – 30 % OFF
  • Many benefits on the World Bodypainting Festival's grounds
  • Agency work free of charges
  • Special discounts on workshops of the WB-Academy Programs at the WBF Austria and worldwide
  • Event Calendar for your own activities
  • Possible application for a W.B.A. patronage for your own events and bodypainting competitions. By beeing sanctioned by the W.B.A. you will receive our support and assistance with organizing guidelines, agreements, advertising and much more...


The "World Bodypainting Association" is financed by membership fees and sponsors.

Anyone who is interested in The Art of Bodypainting can become a member of the association. By submitting the form you are considered a supporting member with all benefits.

One Time Registration Fee € 20 + Yearly Membership Fee € 30

You can leave the association at any given time, simply email us and we will remove you from all databases and networks.


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Video Documentary of the World Bodypainting Festival as a HOME of Bodypainting. The reason why we started also the Association:



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