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Baburka Factory

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Baburka Production Factory is Baburka Production’s section which provides services of- SFX: prosthetic make up, creature design, anatomic reproduction, gore effects, puppets, animatronics- BODY PAINTING- MAKE UP and HAIR STYLING- COSTUME: costume design, cosplay- ART DEPARTMENT: set and scenic design, with specialized technical support (from fabrication to painting), props.
The Factory Members works in the movie industry, theater and fashion. They provide also consultation and organize didatic workshops at their studios.
Baburka Production Factory launched the Baburka Cinema Crafts a standard prosthetic line of silicone, gelatine, lattex and bondo transfer collection with more than 100 design ingludes nipple covers, wounds, causualties, fantasy, creatures’ prosthetics.


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  • Street: Via B. Buontalenti 21
  • Postcode: 00176
  • City: Roma
  • Italy


  • Telephone: +39 349 4588172
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Home Base:
c/o WB Production GmbH
Villacher Strasse 120
9710 Feistritz, AUSTRIA
Phone: +43-4245-21637
e-mail: office(c)

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