Lüllepop Annett

Studio Annett Lüllepop, Germany

As an artist, I have extended my work as a make-up artist, visagist, lash stylist and body painter.
I completed my training at Famous Face Academy -Make-up Artist School Frankfurt am Main
and at Badawi School for Makeup Artists, Düsseldorf, Germany.
My job is a beautician in my cosmetics business and studio - shop in Central Germany.
In addition, I am mobile with mask place for image film and photoshoot.
You are welcome to book me to feel free to book me for makeup, body painting and fancy headdresses.



  • City: Eschwege
  • 37269
  • Luisenstr. 3-5
  • Germany


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Lüllepop Annett

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c/o WB Production GmbH
Villacher Strasse 120
9710 Feistritz, AUSTRIA
Phone: +43-4245-21637
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